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What you should know about giving treats to your chickens

Favorite Treats for Chickens A lot of people want to know what do chickens eat? One thing is treats. Chickens absolutely love to eat treats–most treats. Some they don’t like, but more important, did you know that some treats are good for chickens and others can be dangerous? For example, while chickens love potatoes, you should only provide them with cooked potatoes and for sure avoid any green peelings—just like for people. watermelon green beans tomatoes lettuce potatoes celery leaves meal worms oatmeal carrots apples bananas cauliflower yogurt milk (especially clabbered milk) Worms meat (cooked or not) the mouse you…

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Can a farm to be too diversified?

Diversify, diversify, diversify.  That’s all us small farmers are told to do.  And really it’s great advice, but maybe it’s bad advice too? Monoculture farming Throughout the country, there are giant farms with thousands and thousands of acres of ONE crop.  Thousands of acres of corn or wheat or soy bean or alfalfa or almonds or whatever.  But it’s ONE crop by itself. Monoculture farming is a bad word amongst sustainable farmers.  When you only raise one crop or one livestock, you mess up the ecological cycle of animals fertilizing the soil and crops feeding the animals.  Monoculture crop farms…

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Ever wanted to live like a farmer in Ireland?

This summer was fantastic.  I spent nearly a month in Ireland touring around music festivals and of course….farms.  How could I leave my own farm and not go to another one?  Ok ok I’m obsessed. I ended up on Inis Mor, the biggest of the three Aran Islands, where my friend and I took a horse cart tour.  It was so much fun and so beautiful.  Strangely enough I even got a sun burn.  Who knew that was possible in Ireland? The boat trip across was CRAZY choppy.  I stopped recording when the swells reached about 20 ft I really…

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