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January 2014

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Tagging Chickens

I waited until it was dark and all the unsuspecting chickens were asleep.  Then I creeped into the coop with a flashlight and one by one grabbed each chicken by its legs and swung it upside down.  Sometimes they squawked and flapped for a few seconds before relaxing.  Sometimes the other chickens stuck up their heads and squawked back in concern, but they always fluffed their feathers and settled back down to sleep. And so it went, grabbing, swinging upside down and tagging.  It’s important that chickens have identification tags when you have a bunch.  You can watch for patterns,…

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Our new Gulf Coast Sheep lambs

It’s so exciting!  We just had our first lambs born!  I didn’t even know the momma Gulf Coast Sheep was pregnant, but it turns out that some rams snuck in with the girls about 148 days ago give or take!  Remember I just got this flock so their history is a little…shady… Anyhow, I was just walking around feeding and suddenly did a double take.  There were two adorable little monsters wobbling around the pen.  No fuss, no problem.  Momma was perfectly healthy and is taking fantastic care of her babies.

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I have a problem with overeating…

I have a problem with overeating.  Hey buster, it’s not me who overeats, it’s my piggy sheep that overeat.  See, at Flip Flop Ranch, animals tend to escape…a lot.  I forget to lock the gate or they slip through  a fence we thought  would hold them, or the most recent escape was the sheep busted a gate open.  And where do they go? Straight to the chicken feed. I mean, how could they resist that scrumptious mix of corn, wheat and oats? So that’s where overeating disease comes in.  This is a disease sheep get literally from eating too much.  What…

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Daryl the Zombie Killer Horse

Daryl is a new horse for the ranch rescue and needs a bit of work (and a bit more fat on his bones).  He’s a Peruvian Paso which is an amazing little breed from Peru.  The Paso’s are basically the quarter horse of South America and were used by Peruvian cowboys on their large cattle ranches.  Paso’s are neat because they move in a special way called a gait which makes them very smooth even when they’re going fast.  And yes, Daryl is named after Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead. Daryl the horse is not quite a zombie killer…

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My Water Kefir Bomb

I have a bomb.  It’s on the kitchen counter.  I’m very worried. My wonderful, dear neighbor gave me a jar of water kefir grains.  I was very excited.  I’ve wanted to try making water kefir for a long time but I’ve been too much of a cheapskate to actually purchase the grains.  Water kefir is basically fermented water.  Kefir grains are crystals of probiotic bacteria that ferment sugar water into a glass of pure digestive delight.  So when my neighbor gave me some of her kefir grains, I was very excited. However, I have no idea how to care for…

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