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October 2013

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Caged chicken vs. Free range chicken vs. Pastured chicken

Ali asks: “Can you explain the difference between Cage free, free range, and pasture raised chicken and eggs?” Unfortunately, the truth is that there are many conventional farmers manufacturers who are very unethical and are working the system to get what they want.  While the “spirit” of the various labels are promoted, the laws are very loose and provide loopholes for getting around the labels.  Also, note that any of these can be “organic.” Conventionally-raised chickens To start this explanation, it’s best to compare it to the conventionally-raised laying hen, i.e. the most common method for producing the grocery-store egg.  Conventional hens…

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Why should I learn to farm?

Why should you learn to farm?  First let’s define farming.  When most people think of a farm, they envision thousands of acres of corn or wheat.  Even a small farmer with 50 acres is big in the typical people’s minds.  But there are also micro farmers which basically means tiny farmer. We believe that anyone who raises their own food is a farmer.  If you are growing a Basil on your kitchen counter or if you have a couple hens in your backyard, you are micro farming.  You are becoming self-sufficient.  Our definition of a farmer also includes a homesteader….

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