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July 2013

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Giveaway! Free goats!

This contest is over for now.  Feel free to comment if you want to enter the next one at the end of spring 2017! Yes, believe it or not, we are going to do a giveaway for two doelings-little girl goats.  You have to be local so you can come pick them up although I guess if you want to pay all the money for shipping you’re welcome to it lol!  These babies are a la mancha/boer cross and their mother is an amazingly good producer of milk.  The babies are about 2 months old now and very friendly.  They’re…

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Natural treatment of tooth decay

My teeth hurt.  And it’s not the first time.  I have had tooth problems my entire life.  The fewest cavities I’ve ever had at a dental appointment is five.  Yes at one time.  And yes that is the fewest at one time.  It seems like my childhood revolved around the dentist’s office. Traditionally, scientists believed that cavities were caused by bacteria that grew on the teeth.  These bacteria loved sugar and so the more sugar you eat, the more bacteria you have.  And you know the rest of the story-the bacteria create acid and the acid erodes our teeth.  How…

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Homemade Deodorant

So why pay a gazillion dollars for beauty products?  Like just about everything else the industrial machine charges an arm and a leg for, when you make it yourself it’s not only way cheaper, but generally healthier and more effective. Here’s the first home made beauty product I ever made.  More of a health product, but health and beauty really go hand in hand in my opinion. This is so simple it’s unbelievable, it’s not even technically making anything.  All I did was take baking soda and put it in a mason jar.  Then I dampen my fingers and wipe…

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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

I hate ants.  If there is one thing that we aren’t always exactly organic about, it’s dealing with ants.  Mostly we break our organic rules with fire ants, but those little suckers can cause just as many problems.  I searched the net to find some ways to deal with ants and here’s a few methods.  Anybody have any other methods for ants? Do you have any suggestions for dealing with fire ants naturally? Baby Powder:  You can dust this directly on to the ants when you see them and at all entry points where you think they might be entering….

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Monthly Do List for July

Your Desert Garden – Monthly Do List for July Grass Plant your Bermuda lawns if you haven’t already. Fertilize Bermuda grass lawns with 1/2 pound of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. Apply iron to your lawn once per month. If it’s time to dethatch, do it during May through August. Dethatch every two or three years to rejuvenate the grass. Trees/Shrubs Pick early-maturing deciduous fruit, which are particularly prone to bird damage. Pick before full maturity. Ripen the fruit at room temperature. Prune palms when flower spathes show or delay pruning until after the palm has finished flowering to…

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Canning peppers

How to Make Your Own Home Canned Peppers (easy, complete directions with photos, ingredients and costs You think making and canning your own peppers is difficult or expensive? Not at all! The only trick is, you really do need a pressure canner. So, here’s how to can peppers! The directions are complete with instructions in easy steps and completely illustrated. In the winter when you open a jar, the peppers will taste MUCH better than any store-bought canned peppers. You DO need a pressure canner! If you don’t have one, you can still make pickled peppers – see this page….

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Time To Plant for Fall

Most people don’t realize that gardens are a year round deal.  Typically we think that we plant in the spring and then that’s it.  If you miss the spring planting, you have missed the boat and have to wait until next spring for a garden. THAT’S NOT TRUE Gardens are year round.  There is a vegetable you can plant every single month out of the year.  Even in the hottest month of summer and the coldest month of winter.  Especially here in the desert.   As a matter of fact, some summer plants prefer the coolness of fall or winter over the…

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I have had the fortune to be given three copies of Joel Salatin’s CD Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Teach Your Children to Love Work.  I’m going to keep one and figured why not share the love?  Three winners will be chosen to receive one of these. Keep reading to find out how to enter to win… Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Teach Your Children to Love Work.  In this practical lecture, world-renowned entrepreneur Joel Salatin shares keen insights into getting your children to love work and to embrace your family’s vision for entrepreneurship. Salatin explains that children…

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Funny Farm

Tonight we went to the movies with a good friend of the family.  We also took Joachim, our newest intern who is from France.  Poor Joachim.  He hadn’t even gotten to the ranch before he got a full dose of Flip Flop humor and hospitality.  We picked him up from the bus stop and took him straight to movies and dinner and got home at one in the morning lol.  Ah but life is so much better with laughter.  Laughter and friends. Read this great article about the health benefits of laughter

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