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  • Day Two at the LA Trade Show

    Good grief I’m tired.  We started at 10 and I only sat down once before we stopped at 5.  All day long I gave my little speech about what farmstays are and how fun they are and how important they are because they help to keep farms in business and food on the table.  I […]

  • Ancient Teeth

    I read an interesting article this evening about archaeologists studying ancient teeth and comparing them to modern teeth.  This is of extra interest to me because I’ve always had problems with my teeth.  I had cavities galore as a kid and still get cavities as an adult.. According to this study, ancient teeth used to […]

  • LA Times Travel Show Day One

    So as a consummate marketer, I decided to join Scottie of Farm Stay US as she traveled to the LA Times Travel Show.  This show is where different travel groups or destinations can flaunt their stuff.  Scottie is the great white knight of agritourism, fighting to support little tiny farms like ourselves.  Farm Stay US showcases all […]

  • Existential Farming

    Farming is very existential. Today, we put down one of our bloodhounds and we welcomed 60 new baby chickens into the world.  Yes farming is very existential. Existentialism is the idea that there are inescapable elements of human existence such as isolation, powerlessness, responsibility and death.  These realities are things that we don’t want to […]

  • Sick old hound dog

    Scarlette is almost eleven years old, which is pretty old for a bloodhound.  She is blind, but gets around like a pro.  Her nose still works and she still chases cats.  Well at least up to a week ago.  She got out on accident and was hit by a car.  The vet checked her out […]

  • Riding through the desert

    I decided to risk life and limb and take my greenbroke horse, Tarik, out on the trail today.  Actually, it’s not so much that he is green as that I am not the most confident rider in the world.  However, my riding lessons have been going so well that I actually gave it a try. […]

  • I supported Monsanto

    I had no idea.  I swear.  I thought I was supporting small farmers and heritage plants, but I was tricked into supporting Monsanto.  I recently purchased onion sets from Dixondale farms and I actually planted them today.  Yes, I planted things in my precious soil that put money in the pocket of Monsanto.  I’m considering […]