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Proposition 37 fails

I am so disappointed. I don’t think there’s anything else to say, but I will tell you why I’m disappointed.  Not only is the research showing GMOs being super dangerous, but I was looking forward to being healthier.  When I lived in Europe for a time, I ate all grass fed meats and no GMOs.  This was easy to do because that’s just how everything is raised in Ireland.  You don’t have to carry around a Non-GMO shopping guide or pay exorbitant prices for grass fed meat.  It’s just the way it is. When I was living in Ireland, all…

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Why we do what we do

pace, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its five year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Okay, okay, I’ll stop my Trekki-ness.  But really, a mission is very important.  It brings clarity and purpose to a business and to life in general.  It’s taken us a number of years to figure out what our mission is, but I think we’ve pretty much got it at this point. Our ranch started out as just a hobby farm.  My dad…

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Do plants feel?

Do plants feel…? Do vegetables feel…? Do they have thoughts? Do they communicate, feel pain, detect danger, experience fear? What about… love? It’s far easier to accept that animals have feelings. We know when they’re excited, we know when they experience pain, and anybody who has ever had pets can easily recognise their love. But plants don’t wag tails, don’t lick our faces when we’re feeling sad, don’t run, don’t cry… And yet, how can we be totally sure that they don’t feel? Well, we can’t, and furthermore, we could have already proven that they do indeed have feelings and…

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Cantering is a difficult gait on a horse.  The faster you go, the more things there are to remember at one time-keeping your legs in the right position, keeping your back relaxed, keeping your hands low, ugh.  This gait has been quite a challenge for me as for most other riders.  Just look at what it takes to get a horse into a canter:   Inside leg at the girth Outside leg behind the girth Inside rein rhythmically asking the horse to bend Outside rein supporting Weight on the inside hip Sit back and deep in the seat Keep the…

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Factory farming

In the last few decades, consolidation of food production has concentrated power in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations. Many of today’s farms are actually large industrial facilities, not the green pastures and red barns that most Americans imagine. These consolidated operations are able to produce food in high volume but have little to no regard for the environment, animal welfare, or food safety. In order tomaximize profits, factory farms often put the health of consumers and rural communities at risk. Does Industrial Agriculture Feed the WorldSome argue that factory farming is the only way to meet the growing demand for food in the world…

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More about our mission

Our mission is to encourage people into farming or to have a healthy respect for their farmers, and to preserve breeds of livestock that are critically endangered. Traditionally, farmers throughout the world have raised thousands of different animal breeds and plant varieties. However, since today’s industrial farms rely upon only a few specialized types of livestock and crops, thousands of non-commercial animal breeds and crop varieties have disappeared, along with the valuable genetic diversity they possessed. Fortunately, a growing number of sustainable farmers, such as ourselves, are preserving agricultural variety and protecting biodiversity by raising “heritage” or “heirloom” animal breeds and crops….

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The Trail of Tears

I mentioned the Trail of Tears to a young lady today and she had no idea what it was.  After a quick poll of my facebook page, it turns out that many people have never heard of the Trail of Tears.  This is a situation that has to be rectified so I decided to write a quick blogpost about it. President jackson The Trail of Tears is a location and an event.  In 1838-1839, President Andrew Scumbag-er, I mean Jackson decided that the indians, particularly the Cherokee needed to be gotten rid of.  Now the Cherokee are very smart indians…

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