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July 2012

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Growing commercial lavender

We are always starting new projects here at the ranch.  Mainly because I get bored with old projects, but also because some enterprises succeed and others don’t or because we don’t like certain projects after we start them or because we have empty space or….  I think you get the idea.  So we’ve always wanted to grow lavender.  It’s beautiful, smells good, it’s a good tourist attractor and it’s even edible.  You can also reportedly make pretty good money per acre.  However, I don’t know anything about it so I’m going to blog about it as we research and discover…

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August garden

I am SO excited.  I love summer gardening because squash and melons are so easy to plant and grow (excepting the rabbit attacks), but there is way more variety in the cooler months.  Here is what we’ll be planting in the month of August: Bean, bushBean, polebeetBroccoliBrussel SproutsCabbage seedsCarrotCeleryChardChinese CabbageCorn, sweetCucumberkaleleaf lettuceOnion, green bunchPea, fallRadishRutabagaSpinachTurnip

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Calling all cowpokes for dinner!

It can be so hard to get people wrangled up for dinner around here.  Everyone’s feeding, doing chores, playing with kittens or catching lizards.  We finally realized that farm wives everywhere used triangles to call people in to dinner for a reason.  They were tired of searching everyone out!  We just won this dinner triangle on ebay (good ole ebay) and we can’t wait until it gets here to try it out.  

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Homemade ice cream

Making homemade ice cream is so easy and so much fun.  Well, it does take a little bit of exercise if you make it how we do with an authentic 1920s antique hand crank machine. However, you can cheat and use an electric machine.  We don’t think it tastes nearly as good, but it’s still way better than store bought.  Here’s the recipe we use for basic vanilla:   2 cups heavy cream 1 cup whole milk 3/4 cup sugar a dollop of vanilla (probably like a tbsp) a pinch of kosher salt   Put it in and let it stir stir…

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